Chemical Dependency (Addiction) is an illness that can be diagnosed and treated. This illness damages the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of individuals and their families. At August West Family Services, we understand that all of these aspects of life will need to be addressed in order to restore balance to lives affected by addiction.

Our caring staff is here to help you learn how to heal, and get back on the road to being the person you were truly meant to be. Our objective is to help you discover that it is possible to have a life free of chemical dependency, and learn that clean and sober living is actually more rewarding and even more fun than life in addiction.
With appropriate care and planning, abstinence and long-term success can be expected. You can regain a life full of unlimited possibilities. Regardless of the amount of damage that has resulted from behaviors associated with Chemical Dependency, with proper care and education, hope and the promise of an exciting future will return.



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